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Dessert seedbank strains UKHTA420 based on exclusive limited genetics. The unique terpene profile of our strains creates juicy fruit, ice cream and confectionery flavors.

How to germinate cannabis seeds?

The answer to this question lies in our packaging, which, in addition to excellent design, has a unique, patented JAWS (Just Add Water System) germination system for hemp seeds. This advantage of our product allows you to properly germinate the seed for beginners and speeds up the work of experienced growers. All UKHTA420 seedbank products are hand-selected. 100% 🌟Quality guarantee for each seed!
  • 1. ADD WATER
  • 2. WAIT 1-2 DAYS
  • 3. GROW!

Video review of germination of cannabis seeds

Where to buy Сannabis Seeds online?

UKHTA Seedbank is a seed bank founded in 2020 in Spain.
We are looking for the rarest and most expensive varieties of the world, and we produce new hybrids from them with exceptional tastes and aromas.
Some of the very rare phenotypes we use in our hybrids only exist in clones, such as Platinum Cookies, Forbidden Fruit (ukhta420 cut), and others.
In our varieties you can find the most unusual and rare marijuana flavors as well as the most popular cannabis strains in the world such as ZkittleZ, Gelato, Rainbow Belts, Wedding Cake, DosiDos, OG Kush, Animal Mints, GSC and many more.

Ukhta420's team visited spannabis 2023 where we interviewed with Jondo (UKHTA Genetics interview with Terp HogZ), managing director and co-owner of Terp HogZ.

Terp Hogz is a renowned cannabis breeder and seed company. They have gained a strong reputation for producing some of the most sought-after and award-winning cannabis strains on the market. Terphogz is particularly known for their emphasis on terpene profiles, which contribute to the aroma, flavor, and effects of cannabis.

Many of Terphogz's strains have gained widespread recognition and popularity among cannabis enthusiasts. One of their most famous creations is the strain Zkittlez, which has won numerous awards for its unique and potent combination of fruity flavors.

USA Premium Cannabis Seeds

All the genetics of the most famous strains in the world, which we use to create our own hybrids, is collected only from original breeders, such as SeedJunky Genetics, Archive Seedbank, TerpHogZ, mr.Sherbinskis, Cookies Fam and others.
Our hybrid cannabis strains have high THC levels as well as unique terpene profiles.

Feminized Seeds

Our feminized cannabis seeds are hand-selected and of the highest quality. And the buds of our varieties are tested in an independent laboratory, on high-quality equipment.
Our unique marijuana seed packaging not only boasts an excellent design and beautiful patterns, but also our unique J.A.W.S.2 seeds germination system.
Just add a little water to our package and the seed germination process will start, right inside the package!
Each package of UKHTA420 Seedbank contains a Variety Passport, with brief basic information about the variety.

Shipping of marijuana seeds to Europe, Thailand, USA and around the world

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Welcome to our online store where you can buy high-quality cannabis seeds online with delivery in Spain, we also ship marijuana seeds to any other European countries, as well as to Thailand and many other countries around the world. We offer a wide selection of seeds for sale, including feminized seeds, ensuring that you can cultivate the best plants possible.

At our store, we understand the importance of discreet shipping. Our packaging is designed to be inconspicuous, allowing your order to arrive safely and without attracting any unwanted attention.

When you buy cannabis seeds from us, you can be confident in the quality and genetics of our products. We source our seeds from reputable breeders, ensuring that each seed has the potential to develop into a thriving cannabis plant.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned grower, our selection of feminized seeds provides the opportunity to cultivate potent plants. With their guaranteed female genetics, you can eliminate the guesswork and focus on maximizing your harvest.

Browse our extensive collection of cannabis seeds and enjoy the convenience of discreet shipping. Start your cultivation journey today and experience the satisfaction of growing your own cannabis plants with our premium seeds.